ASU's ASPIRE Summer Camp for Local Teens Does 社区 Service @ Boys & Girls Club!

aspire students

- 这个故事是写的肯尼斯mullinax / ASU。

A group of over 100 local teens who are part of ASU's ASPIRE Summer Camp program will go to the Montgomery Boys & Girls Club on June 20, to perform community service so local at-risk youth will have a better place to enjoy themselves with sports, games, and fellowship.

球探网足球比分_体育直播_雷速体育的Aspire夏令营的青少年在球探网足球比分_体育直播_雷速体育的程序与蒙哥马利,autauga和埃尔莫尔县公立和私立学校的盟友提供了一个夏令营青年的一部分(等级6 - 12)具有与运动规律夏季欢乐时光,场旅行和活动,而且也适用于学术的需要。此外,它促进和鼓励小学 - 高中学生留远离毒品,形成积极的自我形象,留麻烦出来,留在学校。



The director of the ASU's ASPIRE program said that its Boys & Girl's Club work project will be inspirational to all who observe it.

"The Boys & Girl's Club effort by our ASPIRE members, who are just teenagers themselves, offers a heart-warming look at seeing our young River Region summer camp teenagers working to advance the needs of others who are indeed 'in need' at the local Boys and Girls Club. This is inspired by President Ross' Communiversity ideal," said Cynthia Handy, director and founder of ASU's ASPIRE program.